LATEST NEWS: The team is excited to announce that Openr Technology is joining a bigger family as part of a strategic acquisition
and for the transition period we are limiting new account registration, but check back soon to engage with the service in its new home.

Make earned content actionable


Get traffic to your website


Capture sales leads & email sign-ups


Run quick polls to gain insight

* Proportional dimensions adjusted for display purposes

How the magic works

Find it

First, collate the content you want to share as part of your campaign. An API is coming soon to identify all the earned content for your brand as it happens


Brand it

Use our platform to add your brand message and CTA. The platform converts the content URL into an Openr URL which has your CTA incorporated - so now your earned content is activated.


Spread it

Incorporate your activated content into your media plan - it can be spread through native display, content distribution platforms, social media and email. Whichever channel you opt for you'll be driving the brand action you want, whether it's traffic, sales, emails or insights


See it

Everyone who clicks your link will see the content & your Openr too, driving


Track it

Every Openr link is tracked so you can see all the views & clicks you content gets. Plus our dynamic analytics dashboard integrates with your third-party analytics tools too.