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Openr for content authors and publishers

The ecosystem of online publishing and content marketing is fuelled by sharing, and it is our mission to make sharing content great for all involved.  

Openr is designed to encourage and incentivise sharing and that means more shares and more views of your content. Before Openr, readers had little reason to distribute content, except to show that they liked it. Now, when they share via Openr with a relevant message for their viewers, they benefit too, and so they're much more likely to do so. More sharing means more distribution of your content, and naturally your domain gets all of the link credit, so everybody wins.

To fuel the eco-system we have an ever increasing set of tools for authors and content publishers:

Join our affiliate programme

Of course we want to reward anyone that spreads the Openr magic. Find out more

Report a link

We appreciate that sometimes you might come across a link created by one of our users that you do not find appropriate. We do our best to monitor and manage user-generated links but sometimes we need your help. Let us know about a link that you believe we need to investigate here.

Get a bit of help

We all need a bit of help sometimes which is why our tech support team are always on hand. You can contact them here.

Exclude your content

We understand that occasionally there might be a reason that you don’t want your content shared by our community. If this is the case, then there is a technical process to follow that will permanently exclude your site. Find out more here.