Advanced branding options for your Openr messages: New window & the Openr label

In this How-to we show you two of our Advanced branding options: New window & the Openr label

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By now, you’re no doubt familiar with the Modify Design tab on the Openr Create window, as it’s where you can adjust all the colours, shape and placement of your Openr messages. But did you spot the advanced features appear recently? Well, if you have a Business or Enterprise level Openr plan then these options are for you, and this how-to will show you how to use them.

In this how-to we’re am going to hone in on the final two options on the page – the Target Window and the Window label.

The target window selection allows you to control whether the Action URL opens in a new window or the same window (or tab) when people click on your call to action button. The default setting is for the Action URL to open in the same window, but with a Business or Enterprise plan you can select it to open in a new tab or window instead.


This option can be useful if you want the content you’re sharing to stay open for your viewers – great if you’re sharing partner content for example. Viewers will still be directed to the new window or tab with the Action URL in it, but they’ll be able to easily return to the shared content too.

You can find the target window dropdown in the Create window at the bottom of the Modify design tab.

There are two options, Same window or New window : Same window will take the viewer to the Action URL within the same page, while New window will open a new tab and load it there.


The Window label drop down gives you three options Show Openr label, Hide label and add custom label allows you to take the Openr labeling  off of your Openr window and if you have created one add a custom label or just have no label on the window at all. This is entirely down to you and depends on which Openr package you have chosen.

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