The best ways to write your Openr messaging from the team and the Openr tribe.

In this we give you some inspiration and show you some great examples of Openr messaging.

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The key to creating an Openr with good messaging that attracts people and gets a good click through rate is making sure it is relevant to the people who are going to see it. That means making sure it’s relevant to the content it is going to be displayed with, since people clicking your link are interested in that content. You job with your Openr is to simply  show the next logical step by giving them more information or something directly linked they might be interested in clicking on.

We’ve picked a few favourite Openr messages from the Openr tribe to share with you here:


This is a great example of strong messaging, in the Openr window this user has directly linked their message and call-to-action to the subject and content of this article – people are already interested in the topic so they are far more likely to click the CTA. You can see this link in action here.


In this example from the Warren Knight team, you can see they’ve used strong contrasting colours to increase standout; but the real strength of this Openr is in the clarity of messaging. We are in no question of what they’re offering their viewers and the benefits are clear and compelling. You can see the link live here.


This is a great example of how to boost email sign up by very briefly explaining what the viewers will be getting with the imperative ‘you need’ added at the beginning to draw people in. The tone of voice in this Openr is very consistent with Jay Baer’s witty and direct style, and combined with the  Openr Boost emails option that allows viewers to sign up to email lists without having to leave the page  it makes for a compelling Openr. See this link in all its glory here.


This savvy example utilises the Openr Boost email option to collect competition entries. By adding this Openr to a relevant page you will be able to get people to join in the competition without even having to navigate away from the page that they are reading making things a lot more streamlined – don’t forget to link to the competition T&Cs on your website if that’s required in your country though.See the link in action here.


Earned media is the marketing holy grail – but did you think about how Openr can help maximise on that? If you are featured in an article it is always good to use your Openr window to further promote your product when sharing the feature, this can make it easier for viewers  find out more about your product, where as if they were just reading the article they may not have bothered. It also gives you the opportunity to offer a special discount or offer to those readers too – to really maximise the coverage opportunity.



And finally – we’ve got one that is a bit of fun: Out of context these two may look a little weird but at Christmas the Openr team created our own Christmas competition and used Openr to help. We ‘lost’ the Openr #officedog – and asked our tribe to help find her by clicking on various Openr links.  All the messages were set up in the same campaign and we used the A/B split testing feature to weigh up how much each message would appear. It was a success and it just shows how much fun you can have with Openr if you want to be creative.  


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