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This week's guest post is from Rafi Chowdhury, his tips for new leaders on growth hacking.

Everyone is talking about growth hacking and there is good reason for it, it’s not a new concept however it is becoming increasingly more important in the daily life of a marketer. People and businesses are becoming more and more successful as technology is advancing, so these tips are aimed to help leaders grow their businesses whilst also aiming to create a loyal customer base.

Here is part 2 of Rafi’s two part series of 10 tips for growth hacking – you can catch up on part 1 here.

6. Be innovative

Growth hacking is all about having the creativity to overcome challenges and results that you are faced with. Coming up with unique ideas to promote your business and encouraging your team to do the same is the trick. Get used to being able to think of new and innovative ideas when it comes to different situations, it’s a great skill to have and will lead to your activities standing out from the crowd.

7. Test your ideas

Before you jump into something, test your ideas in a small way, then modify them accordingly. Growth hacking always tests the methods and plans that have been set to reach any goal. When you move ahead without testing your ideas, you risk investing valuable time or money in the wrong idea. But starting small with a test means you can validate that route, then put time and money behind the ideas that deserve it.

8. Stay focused

When activities start bringing in the traffic or sales, it can be easy to get distracted with trying even more ideas or opportunities, when actually you really want to stay focused and keep your mind on the goal in mind.. If you lose attention from the job in hand and focus on trying more things you may tarnish your results. It’s fine to try new things, so long as you go through the same test-and-learn process needed with a growth hacking approach.

9. Meet new people

The growth hack approach greatly benefits from good communication. People with more connections are often more successful at it, so it’s a positive if these connections are maintained regularly. Networking with people and frequently meeting with them is one of the best ways to be a smart leader. These connections give you the opportunity to test new ideas and get some good honest feedback from people in the industry.

10. Make everything simple

Marketing is not rocket science but it is a complex area. Fortunately the data-driven growth hacking approach has made it easier for people to market and be marketers in a lot of different ways. By making things easier for your team by giving them templates and outlining objectives you’ll be well on the way to making your team a whole lot better and more effective.


2014-05-21 18.25.13Rafi Chowdhury is the founder & CEO of Chowdhury’s Digital, co-founder of myCampusHacks, and is an experienced digital marketing consultant based in Los Angeles, California. He helps companies in LA grow their revenue by directing targeted visitors to their



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