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This week's quick tips are a few quick ideas to get bloggers interested in your content helping to boost its exposure.

So you’ve spent time creating a fascinating blog post or an amazing infographic. Now you want the bloggers in your niche to pick up on the great content you’ve produced, so that they might share it and increase exposure for the piece. But how do you get those elusive bloggers on your side?

Reach out to bloggers who are interested

Let’s say you’ve written a solid blog about upcycling living room furniture. It would make sense to contact bloggers in the home improvement or DIY niche, of course. But in order to get exposure for your piece you want to be as specific as possible. If you can find blogs that are specifically about upcycling for example, you’re onto a winner because they will be much more into your content than a blogger who has a general interest in home improvement.

Flatter the bloggers, but be real

When reaching out to a blog for a link or in the hopes that they’ll repost your infographic know that the blogger will probably get similar emails from lots of different brands and marketers every single day. So it pays to really engage with the blogger’s content in order to show a genuine interest in their site and their niche. This in turn means that they will believe you have something to offer that will really work well for them. All it takes is a quick sentence saying, “I really enjoyed your piece on XYZ, particularly the point you made about…”

Don’t be too aggressive

If the content you have produced is strong then you don’t need to be so pushy about it. Tell the blogger you are contacting them because you think they might be interested in your content. Don’t overtly ask them for a link or a share. That’s one sure-fire way to get your email deleted.
Good content speaks for itself. If you do your research and reach out to bloggers who you know will be interested in your content then you don’t need to try too hard to get their attention. They’ll get there all on their own. If you need more information about content marketing, contact us now

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