How-to use social to drive your sales this Christmas with Openr

Make the most of all of your marketing activity on social media and email this Christmas by adding an Openr to promote your sales and encourage engagement

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Openr is all about driving action from all the content you are sharing on social media and email newsletters, as the festive season fast approaches this need for action heightens for many businesses. Christmas last year drove £21.6 billion in online retail sales in the UK alone which means for those of you attracting consumers it’s vital you get your slice of that pie. That means you want every ounce of your marketing activity contributing to the Christmas sales season.

With this in mind the Openr team got together for a bit of a creative session on how to use Openr to drive sales and engagement over the silly season, fuelled by real-life examples we’d seen from the Openr Tribe too. Here is the short-list – try some of them with your Openr account to maximise your festive sales in the run up to Christmas:

Add a special discount code or time-sensitive code to your content


A great option if you want to incentivise timely purchases on your site, or share your own blogs and articles with a clear sales message as well.

Encourage purchases from useful content


There’s a wealth of content out there that would interest your followers over Christmas. Just find the relevant content and link your own products to it with an Openr.

Encourage email sign-ups to receive special Christmas offers


We all know how important it is to grow email databases and Openr can help you do that in a period of increased site traffic.

Drive traffic to your products from present-suggesting content


Everyone is looking for present inspiration at this time of year, which means there’s plenty of  great curated gift idea content. Help your followers by sharing that content on social but remind them of your range too with an Openr.

Drive traffic to your site when you’ve been featured online


Openr is a great way to maximise the impact of getting PR coverage, and at Christmas when there is so many gift lists being curated it’s a great way to run an end-to-end campaign, connecting your PR results to your sales with Openr.

Run a competition (and boost your email database at the same time)


Have a bit of festive fun with a competition over Christmas by promoting a competition with an Openr – just don’t forget to publish the competition T&Cs on your website somewhere.

Any don’t forget – Openr links can be shared anywhere online – so you could be sharing all this content in your tweets, facebook posts, even all your email newsletter content – just change the URL you usually share to be an Openr link instead.

Any questions or if you want ideas on how to use Openr this Christmas on your brand, just ping us an email at:

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