How-to share photos and PDFs with Openr

Learn how to share images and PDFs at the same time as driving traffic back to you!

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Openr is all about driving action from the content you are sharing – whether that action is driving traffic, growing your email list, or gaining insight from your viewers. But that ‘content’ doesn’t just have to be a page URL or article URL – you can share photos and PDFs and add your Openr to those too. Here’s how:

Step 1: Upload the photo you want to share

Here there are two options for choosing and uploading your image:

From the Create window:

Click the Create new link  icon in the top right of the Openr platform and it will then open the Create window that you’re used to, but did you ever notice the photo icon on the right of the Content URL bar? Click this and it will open your computer files where you can browse for the image you want to share. Select the image you want to share, then click open and it will be inserted into the Create window ready for you to design and create your Openr link.



It’s worth mentioning at this point, that when you upload an image or PDF file from your computer the system stores it in your very own Media Manager. This brings us nicely onto image-sharing method number two…

Via the Media Manager :

The Media Manager can be found in the left-hand sidebar of your Openr dashboard, under Links. Click on it and you’ll find the Upload new image button as well as any images previously uploaded:



If you want to use an image you’ve uploaded, hover over the image you want to use and click the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the image. Click Share  and this will then open the Create window you are used to with the image added as the content you want to share.



Step 2: Add all your Openr window info

Whilst the Content URL is already selected as your image here, you can input all the other details as usual: selecting the Action you want to drive, the Profile you want to use and the final destination for your viewers into Action URL field. Don’t forget to make all the usual design and branding modifications you want in the Modify design tab too. For more on designing your Openr check out our design How-to


Once you’re happy click Create and your link wil be produced for you as normal – but this time you’ll be sharing images and PDFs instead and at the same time as driving traffic back to you.

Now you’re set to share your photos with Openr! Any questions just ping us an email at:

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