How to create & amend profiles in your Openr account

You can add more Openr profiles to your account so that you can share links from each of the brands you look after.

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When you first sign up with Openr the first thing you’ll want to do is create a Profile because it is the Profile  settings which determine the image and name that appear in your Openr windows. You can add a Profile for you personally, for your brand / company, or like most people, add multiple profiles and cover both! This little how-to will run you through the basics of creating or amending the Profiles in your account.

When you register an account with Openr we automatically create your first Profile using the info that you provide on registration. But you’ll inevitably want to add additional details to this profile, or create new ones, so here’s how:

You’ll find Profiles in the left-hand side bar. Select it and you’ll see all the Profiles you  have in your account, and from here you can add a new profile or edit an existing one. In Add or Edit mode, you’ll see this:


Step one: Add your Profile name


This could be your name or the name of your business or brand, but be aware that this is the name that will appear in the top-left corner of your Openr, to let viewers know where the message is coming from,  so bare this in mind when adding a name.

Step two: Add your Profile link


We hyperlink the Profile name and the Profile image in your Openr to your chosen destination. It can be a website, Twitter account, facebook page – whatever you want – just add the URL here.

Step three: Add your Profile image

All that is left to do is add the image that will represent you or your brand in your Openr messages. These images have to be square, and a minimum of 200×200 pixels, but other than that it can be a suitable image of your choosing. For brand or business profiles, users usually add a logo; for personal accounts they tend to select head shots. To add a Profile image click Upload profile picture and the following will appear:


From here, simply click Select file  and you’ll be able to browse your computer for the image you want. Once you’ve selected the file hit Upload and it will appear in a box below where you can adjust and crop the image to suit your needs. Once you’re happy with how the image looks in the box on the right hand side click Save.

Once you you’re happy with all the details you happy click Add new profile or Update profile button and you’re done – it will appear in your Profiles list.

Now you know how to create or amend an Openr profile, you can create as many as you like to reflect different social media accounts you have, or different brands your look after.

Openr quick tip – you can select a default Profile

In the Profiles list-view you can make one of your profiles the default profile so that the system will automatically select that one to display first when you create a new window.  You can do this by clicking on the down-arrow next to Edit for the profile you want to make the default. This will show you the drop-down menu where you can select Make default. Hit that and that profile will be your default profile.

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