How to install and use the Openr Bookmarklet

Learn how to make sharing content with Openr even quicker!

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If you’re not a Chrome user, it is the Openr Bookmarklet will completely change how you use Openr, as it is the fastest way to create an Openr link – second only to the Chrome Extension. It means that you no longer need to come to Openr – we’ll bring Openr to you!

Right now – dedicated to getting some action from all your content sharing – you’re diligently finding your content, logging in to Openr, and pasting it into the Openr Create window to create your link. Well, no more dear friends, forget that – how about making it just one click?!

That’s what both the Openr Chrome Extension and the Openr Bookmarklet will do for you, and if you’re not a big fan of Chrome (or are somewhat constrained on the browser you use) then the Bookmarklet is for you. Once added to your browser, it’ll sit happily in your Bookmark bar and just like the Chrome Extension will bring you the Openr Create window whenever and wherever you need it. There is no need to login, then copy & paste the content page URL into the Create window any more. Simply click on the Openr Bookmarklet button and the Openr Create window will appear over that page, letting you create an Openr link right there and then – making sharing content with Openr even quicker!

How it works

Add the Openr Bookmarklet to your browser and you’ll have the Openr icon in your bookmark bar like this:



Then when you’re browsing content and you find something you want to share, just click the icon and it will activate the Openr Create window like this:


From here you can select all the details you’re used to – the Profile you want to use, the Message, the Action – and hit Create to generate your Openr link with your Openr added with the content. Simple!

Being universal to any browser, our Bookmarklet is not as slick as our Chrome Extension – with its additional social media helper (so if you use Chrome go with that Extension) – but it will bring Openr to you whenever you need it with just one click – making sharing content with Openr even quicker.

So there’s only one thing left to do – add it now

If you do use Chrome – have a read about the Openr Chrome Extension here

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