Openr email – How to boost your email and newsletter subscriptions with Openr

Collect emails or get newsletter sign ups all from your Openr window! Find out how...

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Email marketing has long been considered an efficient channel with strong ROI, but that depends on having a current and quality list. That is why one of our Openr action button options is an Email form, meaning that you can capture sign-ups and increase your email database direct from all that content you’re already sharing.

Your content viewers can leave their email addresses in the Openr window you create, then you can see the results and add them onto your contact list from the Openr dashboard. Here’s how:


Step 1: Start to create your Openr link as usual

You can hit the Create icon in the top right corner of your Openr screen, or just add a content URL to the Create your new link widget on the dashboard and hit Now customize it. Whichever route you take this will open the Create window that you’re used to.


 Step 2: Select your Openr action

The default action is for your Openr to have a button, but you can change this to Boost e-mail subscriptions (to collect free text or email addresses). You do this from the Create window; just make your selection in the drop down Action list and you’ll see your Openr preview changing live as you do it.


Top Tip – You can also get straight to the Create window with a Form action already pre-selected by clicking Links in the sidebar on the left and selecting Polls and forms from the list. From this Poll and forms page you can hit Create new form to get you straight there!



 Step 3: Add all your Openr window info

Once you’ve selected your action, you can input all the details and design features you want for your Openr as usual. Entering the Content URL you want to share; add the final destination for your viewers into the Your URL field, and made all the usual design and branding modifications you want in the Modify design tab. Hit Create and you’ll get your link – share it on social media and email as you normally do – only this time it’ll be collecting email addresses for you!


 Step 4: Where are all my results?

Once your Openr has been shared online and you have given people time to view the link and submit their email addresses, you need to be able to access them to add the emails to your database. This is really straight forward, simply use the sidebar to navigate to the Polls and forms page and you’ll see all the polls and forms you’ve created listed there. On the right hand side of each link created you have the View results button. This will take you to the analytics page for that specific link – scroll right to the bottom and you’ll find all the email addresses submitted to your Openr window.


 Top tip – Polls and form data downloads

To start communicating with these email addresses of course you want to add them to your contacts or email database – and we’ve added download functionality to make that as easy as possible. Simply click on the grid icon in the top right corner of the Form entries box and from there you can export it as a CSV file.


Now you’re all set to boost your email database from the content you share with Openr Emails! Any questions just ping us an email at


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