What actions can you drive from your content sharing with Openr?

Openr lets you get the action you want from all the content sharing you're doing - see what action options do we have for you...

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Openr actions

We’ve launched a new and improved Create window – the main module you use to create your Openr links. The biggest development is the introduction of Action options so now you can drive traffic, boost email sign-ups, capture leads, run different types of polls, and even send viewers to different destinations based on their drop-down choice!

Once upon a time we thought it was all about driving traffic to your websites. But after watching how the most creative Openr pros use Openr we soon learned that that was just the start, so now the Create window looks like this:


From here you can choose what Action you want to drive with every Openr you create. Your Openr can:

– Drive traffic, either with a button or link
– Boost email subscriptions by capturing the email address in the Openr
– Run a poll with multi-choice answers
– Run a poll with free-text answers
And even…  drive traffic to different Action URLs based on a drop down selection!


There’s plenty of content out there to share – so it goes without saying that there are hundreds of creative ways to use Openr to get the best results. This extension to your Action options will help fuel that creativity and ultimately help you get the action you want from all that content sharing you’re doing.

We’ll continue to update this article with some great examples as users start to play with the Action options. For other best practise examples take a look at some of our team favourites in this article here.

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