Openr take the Global Festival of Media by storm

The co-founding team head over to the Global Festival of Media in Rome

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A couple of weeks ago Openr was named as one of the twenty-five hottest start-ups in the world and invited to present at the Global Festival of Media (FOMG) in Rome. As you can imagine we were (a) flattered and (b) rather busy for the last two weeks working on our presentation, printing leaflets and couriering banners to Rome in preparation. The big trip came around quickly and co-founders Christina and Vitaly had a great (if hugely tiring!) time…

To read up on how and why we were cherry-picked to attend the festival as one of the ‘world’s hottest start-ups’ have a read here otherwise, read on for a whistle-stop tour of our Italian extravaganza in pictures.

Sunday: The super early start is all worth is when we manage to steal an hour of Sunday (just an hour mind!) to take in just a couple of Roma-views and enjoy the sunshine:


After a swift change at our apartment the Festival kicks off with a drinks reception on the roof top of the fabulously positioned Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria Hotel. En-route to the hotel we really were wondering where this hotel was and why it was so far up a big hill and away from the city centre… but when you see these views over the city – with the Colosseum and Vatican city in view – it all made perfect sense:


Then just as we’re about to leave for the night and prep for the big day, we get invited to the VIP dinner – quite the lovely surprise – and great to meet some characters from Red Bull, eMarketer, Mondelez and Kelloggs on our table.

Monday: The Emerge lounge is all set up with our fellow innovative ‘hottest start=ups’ and the event is opened by Charlie Crowe of C-Squared:


After some really interesting keynotes it was our turn on stage as part of the Emerge Showcase!


After the showcase, we met lots more interesting people and finished the day with a drink in hand once more (I know it sounds awful – but it really was work!). We made a whistle stop to Vatican city before the sun went down, then went in search of food to prepare for Tuesday’s early breakfast:


Tuesday: The fabulous Festival of Media team had arranged an exclusive breakfast for all the Emerge businesses and the brand owners of the event – and apart from a 2 minute interlude where clumsy Christina threw a cup of coffee down herself and made a speedy outfit change – it was a great opportunity to hear what the brands have coming up in their marketing plans, and meet those from Unilever, Mondelez, HSBC and Cathy Pacific.

When 9am came around though, and the end of breakfast was signalled, it was time for the Openr team to leave like Cinderella at midnight. We had a plane to catch to get back to London for phase two of our two presentations, at two events, in two countries mission!

Huge shout out to all the individuals from the brands mentioned above for taking the time to find out more about our content sharing revolution, as well as our fellow Emerge businesses – especially SalesGossip and WiForia – who shared this extravaganza with us. Looking forward to catching up with all of you again soon.

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