2 pitches, 2 countries, 2 days

It was extremely tight but we managed it! 2 pitches, 2 countries, 2 days.

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After being invited to Rome to present at the Global Festival of Media, then a day later being selected as one of six businesses to present at the Ignite B2B disruptive technology conference in London, we knew we were in for a busy week or so… and then we realised they were on the same days! Well, there was only one thing for it… organise some supremely efficient logistics for the co-founders to do 2 presentations in 2 countries in 2 days!

To hear all about our trip to Italy for the Festival of Media have a read here. In the Italian leg of the 222 story we left off with a swift 9am departure from our exclusive breakfast – which is where we pick up the Ignite story. Off we popped to Roma airport, and despite our shopping plans being curtailed by the fire that had happened there 2 days earlier, everything was on track… or so we thought. Unfortunately we ended up spending many more hours there than planned – after one cancelled flight and then the new one being badly delayed our ‘efficiently’ planned logistics were speedily falling apart.

Despite the very best efforts of our airline to make us miss our Ignite presentation we did make it – thanks mainly due to some very helpful cabin crew who bumped us up to business class so we would depart the aircraft first, the 15 minute wonders of Heathrow Express, and the Ignite agenda being rejigged to put us on last! Phew!


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