Openr changes the way that email databases grow

Disruptive digital tool Openr announces new features to shake up the world of email marketing.

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Email marketing has long been a channel trusted by marketers: It was ranked as the best channel in terms of return on investment in a recent Econsultancy report[1] and companies attribute 23% of their total sales to this channel. But marketers can only tap into this ROI if they have a substantial and quality list – hence the top pain point for 54% of marketers being list growth, closely followed by list maintenance at 41%[2].

Buying a list is of course always an option but of marketers who bought an email list, only a paltry 9% said it was effective[3]. This demonstrates why so much effort is put in to grow lists organically via restricted content and social media, but even then 40% say social media sharing is one of the most difficult tactics for list growth[4]. Fortunately, email marketers now have a new tool in their list-growing armoury; one that lets them grow their email database from all the content sharing that they’re already doing on social media.

Our disruptive marketing tool, Openr lets marketers add their own promotional message on to almost any page that they share – whether it’s their own content or third-party content – and now that promotional message can collect email subscriptions too – those new to Oepnr can see one in action at

Until now, the focus for Openr has been on driving traffic, but now, the Openr team have expanded the tool to include email data capture within the Openr window – meaning that users can capture sign-ups and increase their email database direct from the content that they share – especially all that sharing on social media.

Our Openr team are always looking for ways to close the gap between social sharing and measurable action, and we noticed that early users were making their email-newsletter sign up page a regular Openr call-to-action. Spotting the need, they worked with a small team of regular users to expand Openr to offer the email data capture option directly.

This new functionality joins the existing Openr platform that includes Multi-Profile users – for those managing more than one brand; Message targeting – that shows a different promotional message automatically depending on location, language or device; and the extensive Analytics dashboard, that tracks every link created so that digital marketing pros have the stats they need to really prove results from their sharing efforts.

OpenrEmail was released as a press release in March 2015

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