Best practise Openr usage – Get inspiration from those in the tribe

See what others in the community have been up to and get inspiration for your next Openr links

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Openr is here to shake up what action you get from all your social sharing, but no matter how creative you are, we all need a bit of inspiration sometimes, so we thought – what better way than to share Openrs created by our other Openr pros in the tribe.

By using Openr you can add your own message and action-button on to almost any page that you share – so that all that content you’re sharing on social (and email!) becomes action-driving tool for you – driving traffic, boosting email subscriptions, capturing leads, even running quick polls. So finally all that time and energy you spend fuelling those news feeds is worthwhile.

There’s plenty of content out there to share – so it goes without saying that there are hundreds of creative ways to use Openr to get the best results. So here are some of the team’s favourite user examples to get your creativity flowing:

Share external content that will interest your customers and drive traffic back to you

The team here love this creative example from creative agency The Table. They shared the latest Honda ad, on the esteemed creative site PSFK, and promoted their own creative work. See the tweet here and the live Openr here. Given the clean design of the Honda content they were sharing their Openr design stood out well, and of course they made sure that their action button was the perfect colour match to their logo in the Profile image.


This one is great too… expert-advice platform MyHelpster shared a well-read Kissmetrics article on Top Twitter Tools and using Openr they linked out to the Twitter experts on their platform.

By using a personal picture for the Profile  image, and having an intriguing message, it comes across as a cheeky little introduction to their tool. Take a look here.


Share external content that references you and add a direct call-to-action

Spare us a moment of self-indulgence as this example is one of our own. Entrepreneur Magazine named Openr one of their must-have marketing tools for 2015, which is clearly something we want to spread about a bit – but we added an Openr to encourage readers to sign up straight away. As you can see we always coordinate our action button colour with our Profile image, and give we were actually featured in the article, we took the opportunity to be be fairly direct in our promotional messaging.  See it in action here,


Another great example of this is from global money transfer brand Azimo. They were covered by the Washington Post TV – but since videos are hard to include direct links in, they added a really clear call-to-action over the video using Openr when they shouted about the Washington Post feature.


Share your own content and drive the action you want

Openr is not just for sharing external content – many brands use it to add a call-to-action to their own content. It is being used every day by publishers and content creators to share their own content too, so that they can engage further, encourage page views and get readers closer to customers or fans.

In this example, Vodafone shared a great article from their own publishing hub, Your Ready Business, and used Openr to promote a linked product from their Vodafone business portfolio:


Leading London publication LondonLovesBusiness regularly share their own articles and then use Openr to suggest further articles or engage with discussion on Twitter as you can see here:


Boost your email sign-ups from everything you share

Driving traffic isn’t all we do at Openr – you can collect email addresses, get opinions and run polls too.

Using the Forms function within Openr you can encourage viewers to subscribe to your email newsletter database from the content that you share, just like digital-pro Jay Baer here 


And this savvy small-business owner used Openr to get entries to a prize draw:


Collect opinions and start debate direct from content

Using the Polls function within Openr you can get reactions and opinions from readers to fuel debate or even create future content. Check out this example here.


Punchy designs to increase conversion rate

We love the punchy message on the Incubus Openr here. They shared this Openr with a relevant article on, and got creative with our design features, opting for the side-box design, bottom right-hand position and a semi-transparent background too.


Great stand-out in this recent Vodafone Openr here. The focus has been on linking the Openr message and product to the content too which will always drive clicks on your Openr.


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