How to create your first Openr link in under 30 seconds

How to get started and create your first Openr link

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It’s possible to create a link in less that 30 seconds and that’s exactly what this little how-to will cover – making sure you’ve got the basics of Openr link creation all sewn up.

Step 1: Select the content you’re going to share

Find an interesting article or webpage you want to share, then copy the page URL.


Step 2:  Add your Openr message to the content

Paste the URL of the content you want to share into the Create Your Link Window on the  Dashboard and hit Now customize it  which will then open the Create window. Alternatively, you can click the link icon in the top right hand corner which will open the Create window for you from anywhere around the Openr platform.


Step 3: Customise your Openr

From the Create window you can do everything you want to customise your Openr: First select the Profile that you want to use for your Openr, as that will define the name and image that appears.

Then type the Message you want to appear in your Openr; select the type of Action you want and add the call-to-action text you’d like. Finally type or paste the URL you want as your Action URL – this is the destination that you want people to go to (usually your website).


You can also use the tabs at the top to change your design and positioning of your Openr.

All the time while you’re in the Create window you can keep track of what your Openr will look like with the preview at the bottom of the page.

Step 4: Share your Openr link

Once you hit Create our clever system will generate you a unique short URL. You can admire your new shortened link at this point, but we’d recommend you start sharing it pronto. Simply copy and paste it wherever you’d normally share your content – into emails, across social media, and anywhere else online you think it might get clicked!


Then whenever someone clicks your tweet or post with your Openr link here’s what they’ll see – the original article but with your Openr too…


Quick tip: Finding links you created in the past

If you want to track down links you created in the past so they can be used again, simply navigate to the “Links” tab in the left sidebar. There you’ll find all your links in chronological order.


You can also enable/disable your links, edit their content, and view their analytics from here too.

To learn more about the different actions to can drive with Openr have a read here and read up on all the design options here.

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