New look, new name: Openr is here!

We've been mentioning a secret new name a lot over the past few months - mainly driven by our increasing dissatisfaction with the initial names ( then...

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But Openr is finally here. With our new name, we of course also have a new look to suit the new logo. A HUGE thank you to everyone involved in the journey.

So what was the big hold up???

I’m sure I’ll write an article in due course about the importance of a name and the trial and tribulations you can go through both deciding on and acquiring a name, because, I tell you there’s been some drama. When we first started our quest for Openr ( I don’t think even cynical-old me thought it would take this long. It was a battle! But after far too many phone calls to the Republic of Nauru (where .nr domains originate) and the helpful intervention of a broker we finally got there. We would have liked to have launched out of beta with our new name over a month ago – but alas it was not possible – Nauru just wasn’t playing ball. But at least we’ve got there now, and we have a nice new face to suit our fully=operational social media tool.



Homepage with the new logo
New simpler How-it-works section on the homepage, thanks to helpful feedback from our users


Written by Christina, co-founder of Openr

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